Rad8 MTB glasses

This is a company i can personally vouch for having worn their products from almost the first time i saw them advertised. I also upgraded to the prescription version of the 504 model. For smooth and quick transition from dark to clear I’ve found nothing to compare to them. these lenses excel in going from full sunlight to dark woods, they are really quick to change and I also use them for night riding as they go completely clear giving perfect vision. the anti-fog coating also works brilliantly. Anyway, enough gushing from me, Here’s a few Words from Steve the company owner who gives a brief history of the company and a view of the different designs they offer…

    Who are we?…

Rad8 MTB glasses was set up in the winter of 2015.  I had just cycled down an overgrown bridleway and suffered a huge gash on my nose from some trailing brambles. Fortunately, I was wearing some cycling glasses, but they had fogged up and I was struggling to see where I was going.  Fed up with the relatively few options on the market I thought I would have a go at developing a product just for trail riders.  

The typical MTB rider and most gravel riders will be moving in and out of trees on the trails, sweating buckets as they move slowly up very steep tracks before going hell for leather down steep technical descents, with a big grin on their face navigating boulders and the odd drop off on the way!  The simple job the MTB glasses do is provide a clear view of the trail, stay fog free, adapt to the light conditions and protect your eyes from the trail debris.  So, my design brief was a tough frame, photochromic lenses and a good antifog coating. 

There is no shortage of manufacturers of cheap glasses around the world but as soon as you look for a supplier who can make photochromic lenses and understands the value of antifog coatings you narrow the options to just a handful.

Things progressed and Rad8 was born with the first model the Rad8 501. (no longer available)

The first versions were functionally very good but the general opinion was that the MTB riders were after a slightly different design and colour option.  Working with Singletrack Magazine a poll of 6 different designs was organised over Twitter and Facebook, which lead to the development of the current product ranges.

The 502, 504, 505 and 506 now form the core product range. In general, riders are split between those who want a curved close-fitting half frame design and those who will only ever ride with a full frame design.  These options are both available with photochromic lenses (for all year round riding) or polarised lenses (for summer rides and general wear and a slightly trendier look)

The photochromic lenses provide a great solution for all year-round riding and with a good anti-fog coating they stay clear in most conditions.

In late 2018 we located an optical lab who could provide good quality Prescription Transitions lenses in various options and fit them into the tried and tested 504 and 505 designs.  This solution has been very popular for all riders who either hate wearing contact lenses or suffer from age related short and long sightedness and cannot see the Garmin and the trail ahead at the same time.

We are very pleased with the range of glasses we provide. The feedback has been exceptional and we pride ourselves on being able to provide all the spares you will ever need to keep your glasses providing you with the protection you need for many years.  We now provide replacement lenses and frames at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy a new pair, a sustainable long-term solution. 

The other thing to note that Steve hasn’t mentioned (and why would he?) is that this isn’t some faceless global conglomerate who you can only contact via chatting with a bot or by going through an endless list of option via the phone. This is a real person who uses his own products and is very quick to answer any queries or questions you might have.

Please look at Rad8 first for your next eye wear, you won’t regret it.