76 projects A.S.S. top tube bag review

no straps to be seen

The Guys at 76 projects sent me one of their Anti Strap System kits last year to review ( review here ) and I really like the fact you could attach a top tube bag to your bike with out straps using the self adhesive strip and steerer clip which banished floppy bag syndrome.

This time the guys at 76 Projects have come up with their own bag and a modified steerer clip that fits directly to the bag with bolts rather than with rubber O rings. The bag is seam sealed and looks very professionally made. there are two external pockets to stash things like pork pie wrappers or gel wrappers, a mesh pocket internally and a pocket to stop your phone rattling around inside. The material has a DWR (durable water repellency) coating to keep the contents dry. the sides of the bag combined with the steerer clip add lots of stability to anything loaded up inside. the longer bottom sides also cover the attachment clip so from the side you can’t see how it’s fitted to the frame which is very good aesthetically.

The bag is bolted to a plate that slides onto the frame mount via two bolts. there is nothing supplied to cover to these so if you have something fragile in the bag make sure it is protected. The steerer clip has two places where the attachment bolts can fit. I found that it was quite limiting on the bikes I have and would have been better with a long channel rather than two separate ones so lots more adjustment could have been used. Your bike might be different but I ten to run quite a high stem and I found the clip was either to low or not high enough and ended up pointing to the middle of the back of the stem. if you run the industry standard 30mm of spacers though I don’t think this will be an issue but it’s certainly something to bear in mind. SEE UPDATE BELOW*

In use the bag was pretty much flawless and very easy to access while riding along. the zip opened and closed with one hand and the waterproofness was tested a few times with my phone inside it. i’m happy to report no water ingress. the steerer clip worked as well as the first test and there was no floppy bag syndrome. the bolts stayed secure and the slide on slide of feature of the bag was smooth and easy. attaching and detaching is simple. The self adhesive strip stayed put even when applied in December’s chilly temperatures.

The bag works very well and the claimed waterproofness is effective. you could keep valuables in there and slip it easily off and on if leaving the bike out of sight. Floppy bag syndrome is a thing of the past with the A.S.S. system too and the £59.50 price tag isn’t too bad when you consider you are getting a bag and the attachment system. A few different colours would be good rather than just the grey and if the steerer clip had one or longer adjustment channels it would make this top tube bag perfect.

oh, and it carries a pint of Ansell’s Mild easily 😉

As with all my tests, this is an impartial and real world review. I’m not sponsored and I’m just an average rider like most of the cyclists out there. I do inform anyone who sends me things to test that It will be an honest review good or bad.

you can find more information from 76 Projects here


since publishing this article 76 Projects have now started to ship the steerer clip with a updated fitment that allows much more adjustability!