Miss Grape Internode 46.2 Frame Bag

Complementing the Node top tube and Moon handlebar bags the Internode frame bag is designed to sit under your top tube.

The Internode is made from the same weather proof material of the other two and this makes it feel like it’ll be robust enough to take a few of the inevitable knocks of trail and commuter use. the big oversize zip on the bag mirrors the one on the top tube bag and ensures if you slightly over fill the frame bag you’ll still be able to open it without worrying that you’ll break the zip. It has multiple mounting points along the top allowing you to fine tune the fit. If you do run a top tube bag this is invaluable as different makers place their mounting straps in different places, there’s no industry standard way of doing that (no shock when you think of all the bottom bracket standards out there for example) so being able to adjust the mountings is invaluable. There’s two neat clip and straps under the down tube and another velcro strap at the rear to go around the seat tube. with any bag of this type it’s advisable to protect your frame with some tape as even if the straps are made of the softest material it only needs a little bit of grit to get underneath and start removing paint. This being the UK a small amount of grit is what you get on a summer ride and the other three seasons you will be coming home and hosing the bike down….. come to think of it that can be summer too!

the inside of the bag is one large space which can take quite a bit of kit. You’ll need to pack carefully though as there is no way to separate one end from the other. if you have a heavy item such as a compact camera or phone and just a couple of other things there’s nothing to stop them moving about and possibly banging together. Then again if you need a bag of this size it’s probably because you want to carry more than just a few items. It easily took my packable waterproof, inner tune, tubeless repair kit, front light when I wasn’t using it, a spare under helmet buff, phone, wallet and GoPro with some room left. There are three small credit card sized slots on the zip side that could come in useful for small items that you don’t want to lose inside the bigger space.

In use the internode is just the right width to be not noticeable unless you have a pronounced knee inward riding style. It is easy to access, even when riding but place the things you are likely to need frequently near the zip side or you’ll be digging around while riding. The material is weatherproof as claimed, I got caught in a couple of downpours and suffered no damp kit. Even with heavy items installed there was no side to side movement when throwing the bike around. It’s a good hard wearing frame bag that is ideal for everyday use and some credit card touring where you are not carrying all your worldly possessions with you. There are 3 versions of this bag in 3, 4 and 5.5ltr versions. Bag tested is the “medium” 4 ltr 46.2 version.

I’d like to see some extra straps come with the bag as I think at this length it needs an extra one around the top tube to stop “bag sag” and if there was a removable baffle inside for when you are carrying less or just want to separate contents from each other it would be a great option in an ever growing market of off the peg frame bags.

more info can be found on the Miss Grape Insta page or the official webpage

As with all my tests, this is an impartial and real world review. I’m not sponsored and I’m just an average rider like most of the cyclists out there. I do inform anyone who sends me things to test that It will be an honest review good or bad.