Sour Bicycles

the first company to be highlighted is one I can genuinely vouch for because I bought a frameset off them, namely The Purple Haze gravel/adventure bike. I bought it mainly for the geometry which seemed to be spot on for what i was looking for but the more research I did the more I liked how they did things and run their business.

The purple Haze

Here’s What Christoph from Sour Bikes has to say….

SOUR stands for bicycle frames and frame sets with a high technical quality standard and fair terms. Regardless of Steel as a reliable material, the extensive areas of use of our product range, or its underlying uniqueness.

All these conditions reflect on our taste. With this we connect terms like lust, sensuality, desire, happiness, drive, hunger, craving, which, at the end of the day come together into what biking is all about: FUN. We want to bring it to the trails, the roads, or the bike parks together with you. No bullshit, and exposed to the core.

Only online for about 10 months now the story of SOUR is quite a bit longer. Starting as a side project while helping out other companies with good and fair production contacts overseas SOUR quickly turned into a full time job. We are happy about every feedback we can get and try to be in touch with our customers as good as possible to understand their needs and goals.

I could tell you a whole lot … about materials, the latest standards, about details in the geometry of our bikes. We could philosophize for hours about why we at Sour Bicycles make really good bikes. But we are concerned about something else. For us the bike is a faithful and reliable companion, the vehicle to discover the world, a rush of emotions, the wings to fly, the miracle cure for everyday frustration, the healthy drug and so much more.

Crazy, stupid, love – that‘s probably the best way to describe our relationship to bicycles.

That‘s why we DO WHAT WE DO at Sour Bicycles – so that they ride with you through thick and thin and withstand the demands you place on them. Our bikes have distinctive names like Bad Granny, PurpleHaze, Clueless and Pick Up. They are real „guys“ – just like us.

We develop the bikes in collaboration with our friends and partners, who are all part of the lively and active cycling community of our beautiful hometown Dresden. After a lot of spinning, full evening discussions and many sketches, ideas became prototypes, which were tested on countless tours, laps and adventures through the surrounding forests and valleys, mountains and home trails, gravel roads and asphalt roads.

Sour Bicycles stands for well thought-out and durable products. We want you to have a great time when you‘re on your bike – even if it‘s just on your way to work. That‘s why we use sensible and functional materials of the highest quality, as well as standards and technologies that will still be UP TO DATE by tomorrow.

Sour Bicycles are developed,refined and assembled by hand in Dresden. We don‘t want to say much more, because we can‘t really express in words what our bikes mean to us and why we do all this. The best thing to do is to get your own picture, hop on a Clueless or a Bad Granny and just RIDE.

Christoph, Sour Bikes Jan 20

you can find out more about the frames and bikes that Sour produce via their web site here of course I’ve added pictures of their gravel bike but they do a full range of bikes for everyone, pop over and have a look or contact the guys themselves, they are great communicator and speak great english.