UK Gravel Collective podcast: Smithy Frameworks

This episode I travelled across the border from England into Wales to chat with Chris Yeomans, main torch wielder at Smithy Frame works.

Smithy Frames Works is a place to get a made to measure hand made bicycle. Chris contacted me to ask if he could build a gravel bike fit for all conditions that the UK could throw at it and asked for my input on the type of features it would need.

Obviously it took me a micro second to say Yes please! and then i thought talking to Chris about what a customer could expect to experience in the bike build process and about the history of Smithy Frame works would be a good subject for the podcast. Chris agreed and the link below will let you listen to what went on on the day I spent in Powys.

As mentioned in the podcast here are the pictures of the things discussed

Chris’s other project, the Flying Gate

listen to the podcast with the link below or jus search for UK Gravel Collective Podcast on your favourite podcast provider

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