Wizard Works Wiz Viz bags review

Wizard Works very kindly sent me a set of their brand new Wiz Viz bike bags. Namely a Lil’ Presto bar bag, a Go Go top tube bag and a Teeny Houdini saddle bag.

teeny houdini, go go top tube and L’l presto bar bags

The Wiz Viz range is made from a black cordura fabric that is perforated to show the reflective layer underneath. There is also a very vivid orange panel on the top tube bag and the bar bag. the saddle bag just gets the reflective perforations.

This Material really works, car lights reflect bag from the perforations and the orange panel acts like your own personal high v-viz jacket. The material is also really hard wearing, I’ve been using the bags on day and night rides off road in gritty conditions and snow and they look pretty much as good as they did when I first installed them on the bike.

The Teeny Houdini saddle bag is a cute little wedge shaped bag that fits under your saddle via a strap over the saddle rails. The straps come together with a very satisfying click from a Fidlock magnetic clasp. This is the slightly larger version (the smaller is designed for road bikes) and I could fit a 27.5″ inner tube (I’m running 2.1 tyres on the grav) a multi tool and a tubeless repair kit fit in it easily with room to push more in in an emergency. the flap also secures with velcro for piece of mind.

The Go Go Top Tube bag is made of the same reflective and orange material as the Teeny Houdini and fits neatly on the top tube via velcro straps pushed through the daisy chain webbing underneath and via another strap around the steerer tube. The sides have a HDPE reinforcement to help keep the bag’s shape.

Go Go Top Tube!

Although Wizard Works don’t claim that the bag is waterproof I found them very water resistant. The zip is very easy to open and close with one hand for mid ride snacks or to grab a camera etc. Because the bag is quite tall it’s best to pack it with the heavier items as low as possible to stop the bag flopping. Wizard Works do stock a Dr Jon widget to stabilise the bag via the steerer though or something like the 76 Projects anti strap clip will do just as good a job, see my review here The bag has a media port on the front which is great if your lights have a separate battery and a cable to you light unit. I could easily get my pixel 4a in a rubber case inside, a go-pro and mini tripod, some emergency cash, a spare face mask and a buff. You could easily use it as a refuel station for bars and snacks needed on the go. The only thing I’d like to see is an inside pocket maybe to store a credit card or to keep cash separate from the other items so it’s easier to find in a hurry.

The Lil Presto Barrel Bar Bag is very well regarded on the bike packing/gravel scene for it’s robustness and ease of use so the addition of the reflective fabric just makes this that little bit more special.

Wiz Viz and bike not blending in…..which is the whole point I guess!

Again made from cordura and the orange panel the bag just feels quality when you pick it up. Massive kudos to Wizard Works for using the brilliant Voile nano straps to secure the bag to your bars, simple and easy to adjust and secure. the daisy chain webbing on the bag allows lots of mounting position options for the straps if your bars are crowded with lights, a bell or navigation tech. The zip is the same type as on the Go Go bag and again it can be opened and closed with one hand. I had a few wet rides as mentioned before and although not stated to be waterproof anything inside the bag stayed dry. The bag has a pocket on each end to stash things you need to get too quickly, sadly in the current climate this meant a mask for me. it never bounced out though despite a lack of elasticity on the pocket opening. The bag has a HDPE liner to keep its shape and avoid saggy bag syndrome some other bags suffer from. This stiffness also helps when fitted to the bike as it stops the bag wrapping around the head tube when secured tightly by the supplied paracord and clasp. There are two loops at either end of the zip that could be used for a shoulder strap to use the bag off the bike, this isn’t supplied with the bag.

For a small size bag it’s amazing what you can stuff in it, I’ve had a waterproof jacket, a gilet, bobble hat, keys, phone and even my go-pro in it at one time. The interior is bright and thankfully the liner is covered so there’s no rattle when things such as keys are inside (an internal key loop would be a great addition as I hate fishing around for keys)

When you describe an item as fit and forget it makes it sound a bit boring, but nothing could be further from the truth and here it’s a big complement. the Li’l presto is so well designed, built and made with quality materials it is something that you can rely on to keep on working. The voile straps mean that even when you add an unwieldy or heavy load you don’t constantly have to re-tension the straps like some other bags, the paracord head tube stabiliser does just that. The bag will take a few knocks that everyday trail and city riding can bring. It just feels pretty indestructible and something you don’t have to think about when concentrating on the tricky terrain or traffic ahead. Add in the “see me” qualities of the materials used and there’s no reason not to look at these for your next bike bag purchase. Other colours but not reflective materials are also available should the orange be too much for you.

I knew when Wizard Works asked to send me their stuff that this was going to be a difficult review as their reputation preceded them and a good review needs to be balanced and a little fault here and there makes for much better reading and subjectivity and the last thing I want to write is just “this is great, buy one” but..

“this is great, buy one!”

you can find more details and buy the wizard works kit here Wiz Viz Collection (this is not an affiliated link, I get no commission & the bags will be returned to Wizard Works, which I’m actually sad about)

As with all my tests, this is an impartial and real world review. I’m not sponsored and I’m just an average rider like most of the cyclists out there. I do inform anyone who sends me things to test that It will be an honest review good or bad.

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