Circular Wyre Forest Explore Ride

I looked at the fair weather forecast and decided to go and ride some tracks I’ve not ridden before in the forest and then make a loop of it for fun, then it rained

Actually a great ride, I was “lost” at times but sort of knew where I was, but aren’t all the best rides like that anyway? The canal towpaths were very greasy because of the rain and I had to concentrate on picking the best line for fear of ending up in the cut.

No proper cafe stop on this ride, too wet to stop but I can thoroughly recommend Kings Fayre Bakery in Kinver, hot savouries and an eccles cake restored my energy and the banter with the girls in there brought a smile to my mud spattered face.

There was definitely a lot of climbing at the start and a lot of flat, so mucho pedalling and weirdly not much downhill for a circular route. maybe that’s just me though.

hope you enjoy the video

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