Golden Glow of Gravel

With the increasing popularity of “gravel” riding around the world i thought it was time to start a UK appreciation group. So as you do I started a Face Book group to try and gain some interest and meet some like minded riders to share routes.

Opening the group to the whole world may or may not have been the best idea. Yes, there are lots of potential routes out there with nearly 200 members from all around the world riding their favourite trails but they probably wouldn’t want to travel to my neck of the woods for a 20 mile ride after work!

But the response was good so I thought what the heck, pictures speak better than words why not start an instagram channel? here This is proving much more popular and the tag line “UK gravel riding and international gravel grinding” pretty much describes the feel of the channel. I repost UK riders and inspirational international riders pictures, i always ask permission unless the post is tagged with #UKgravelCO or #UKgravelCollective I just one rider gets inspired enough to go out and ride then it’ll be worth the time and effort of doing this.

hope you take a look at the instagram page and maybe join up to the facebook group. here

I hope to use this website/blog to inspire and maybe review a few things. To dispel some of the myths and eliteism that can some times come with cycling, but having said that I do seem to find that the type of person who takes to gravel riding is pretty open minded and friendly. Let’s see where this goes!

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