what this is all about

First of all about me, I’m a 50+ bloke with a beard who has been riding bikes since i was three.

from that three wheeler to a solid tyred, rod braked hybrid with a removeable top tube (probably why i like weird bikes) to a raleigh chopper which i used to pretend was a Midland Red Bus and a chip shop, but not at the same time! to a five speed “racer” my parents bought me because i was too tall for a BMX via the MTB boom (halfords apollo) through various hard tail, full suspension, fat bikes and “fake gravel bikes” to the current Sour bikes Purple Haze gravel bike I’ve had a lot of experience of all types of cycling. racing, commuting, playing in the woods etc and now i sell and fix bicycles for a living. So i know my way around a bicycle.

UKgravel CO was set up just because i think the style of bike and riding is awesome and I thought that setting up a Facebook page would bring like minded riders together, it might encourage people to take up riding and even gain me some riding buddies. The Instagram page has been great to inspire people from all over the globe and certainly motivated me to ride when I’ve not been feeling like it.

UKgravelCO isn’t a business, the T shirts that you can buy do not bring much revenue, in fact if you buy one I get £2.08 and I’ve sold 4. That money will go towards paying for the next batch of stickers which cost around £45, which as you can see is a bit of a shortfall. What I’m trying to get across is that I’m not trying to profit from this venture. All I want to do is promote healthy outdoor pursuits using a bicycle.

so lets see where this goes.

Gary, The North Worcestershire Alps, 24/9/19