Boltcutter Cycles

This website is based in the UK and we try to feature UK companies and riders but as the title says “UK gravel riding and International gravel grinding” so if the person, picture or company is inspirational we will feature them.

One such International company is Boltcutter Cycles based in Utah United States. I first noticed Boltcutter via their Instagram page Boltcutter Cycles where the sheer diversity of the colours (colors) they offer on their carbon frame, the Peacemaker Gravel + attracted me like a magpie to something shiny glinting in the sun.

here’s a few words from Ryan, the main man at Bolttcutter

Boltcutter was started in Salt Lake City, UT by bike shop employees looking to not only better themselves but provide a product and level of support and banter rarely found in the industry. Everything we do is organic – no big bank loans, no corporate overlords, no investment bankers. We live within our means and are constantly improving our methods to reduce waste and our footprint on the planet, support and empower women and young up and comers. Everything is fluid. We’re shop people, racers, organizers, messengers, artists and activists. website:

Ryan is a man of few words, he lets the framesets speak for themselves and as a small company he’s got minimal time to chat as he’s always busy, the life of a bike shop/slaes/mechanic is never quiet but take time to message for more details and i guarantee you’ll get a knowledgeable answer.

peacemaker gravel +

The gravel plus frame is a sweet looking ride and definitely my first choice when it comes to carbon. Looking at the numbers it’s hit that ideal geometry spot where it’s not too steep and twitchy to be a handful on natural trails and not too ponderous that you can’t race it on a CX course. plus it’ll take 700 x 50 or 650 x 2.1 and has a threaded bottom bracket! more details here

Now whether the UK’s decision to leave the EU and to negotiate a trade deal with the US will make the frame more or less expensive to import to the UK only time will tell. but if i had the money I’d have ordered one already. I love the Pippin Green colour!

so apple-ly it’s almost like drinking cider!

So before you go and order your Santa Cruz or your Cannondale or Trek Carbon mass produced frame give Boltcutter a look